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Proprietor's Comment

Education is no doubt a process aimed at discovering, 
imparting and improving knowledge and skills for the 
overall purpose of human development.

The crucial process of teaching, training and learning 
is however ensured by hiring the services of qualified 
and dedicated educators.

The educative role of the community is equally important 
in complementing the effort of the educational institutions
of learning toward changing the behaviour of the children.

Consequently every society has a major task to soundly 
educate its citizenry.

LEELAND SCHOOLS came into existence to make available 
affordable education with special consideration for brilliant 
and diigent students in respective of background with her 
scholarship award.

At LEELAND SCHOOLS, we specialize in giving our students 
the right skills to prepare them for the future. 
We engage our students in strong vocational training with the
aim of helping them to discover their skills and the overall 
interest of creating entrepreneurs in the nearest future.














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