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To Nurture and build a competitive world class institution by providing a growth plan that recognise the dynamic society in
which we live and provide all round quality education anchored on ICT.

We are committed to the intellectual, psychological, physical, social and spiritual growth of each child as a pre - requisite for sure foundation for success in the modern world.

Our Aims & Objectives

The motto of Leeland is “Training and Wisdom”. Leeland aims at providing a broad background education-of an international standard to children of all ages.

The Nigerian National curriculum as provided will blend with the western curriculum to foster a well nurtured learning and development process in an atmosphere of fun, freedom and objectivity for children and their teachers. They will be able to express themselves and contribute fully to their own learning process and development. This learning process will be child oriented and centred with the ultimate goal of developing responsible children who have moral integrity, intellectual, honesty, social consciousness and the ability to render effective service to their fellow children, their parents and to God.

Since education is a continuous process and development the total programme of leeland school exists to give children and their teachers the incentive for continuing development.

> To guide and help the child build a good foundation in the early formative years of education and be able to pick up and cope with the subsequent primary school life.

> To meet the essential needs of a child by providing him/her with those experiences and expositions that will influence his/her early formative training and developing personality.

> To nurture the child and prepare him/her for admission into secondary school.














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