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To God be the glory for making the establishment of Leeland Nursery and Primary School and Leeland college a reality.

The idea of starting a school first came to my mind in 1977 in Pikeville Kentucky in U.S.A where I got a janitorial job in one of the famous private kindergarten school. When I transferred to Houston, Texas in the same year, I got another job with another famous kindergarten school as a launderer. I worked for two years before I left for Benjamin Franklin serving as a security officer still with interest in owing and running a school.

As a foreigner and on D/S(Duration of Study) status, thinking about establishing a school was a mere dream but my interest remained.

When I finally came back to Nigeria and in Lagos in 1989, I secured a house at No 30, Ibijoko Street, Oregun, Ikeja. But started living there in 1990. For the past seven years I have been living here, I noticed that Oregun is thickly populated with children of all ages. They gathered every evening, weekends and public holidays to play in front of No 30, Ibijoko Street. This is where Oregun hill provided a flat ground for recreation activities for children.

No 30, Ibijoko Street is more or less an estate with many buildings. In 1997, The building in front termed the main building became vacant and the idea of establishing a school came back to my mind. I approached the landlord through the caretaker; they asked me to put a proposal which I did, after ten days the proposal was approved. With financial and moral support and encouragement from my family as well as friends I was able to start the school in June 1997. The door of the school was thrown opened for the pioneer pupils in October 1997 named Merit International School(MIS). But in September 1998, the name was changed to Leeland Nursery and Primary School. In August 2002, Leeland College was opened as the secondary aim of the school.













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